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Explore Perth By Segway

Do you want a unique way to explore Perth city? Segway Tours WA is Perth’s first and only guided Segway tours in Perth, Fremantle, Kings Park and Rottnest Island.

Save your feet as you cruise around the cities’s beautiful landscape as they thrill you with fascinating stories, rich history and upcoming plans for the future. The Segway machines are easy to ride and once you get the hang of it, you will be cruising through beautiful scenery in no time. These machines are fully electric and incredibly quiet. Zero emissions are emitted and it consumes 11 times less energy than the average car!

Getting to Segway Tours in the City of Perth

Segway Tours is located at Shop 3, Barrack st Jetty, Perth right next to Elizabeth Quay. A convenient walk from most hotels, or jump on the Blue Cat bus to get there.

How to Book A Segway

There are many Segway tours to choose from including, The Absolute Freo Tour, Riverside Tour, Kings Park tour & The Settlement Explorer tour on Rottnest Island. All the options will give you a deeper understanding of Perth and Australia as whole. The exhilarating sensation that you get every time you take off and glide on this self-balancing, intelligent machine will have you wanting more. So book your Segway Tour today and view Perth in a different way.



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