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Chief Explorer Martin

Meet Chief Explorer Martin – Passionate About Western Australia!

This month, we get to know Martin, who has been with Explore Tours Perth as a Chief Explorer since December 2016.

Martin has a passion for Western Australia and travel and loves to share this with his Explorers. We asked him to tell us a bit about himself…

“I grew up in the Western Australian north-west and I currently live in the Swan Valley, nearby to Perth.  I have a passion for travel, nature and other cultures, every five years or so I try to travel to other places for 6 months to a year. As a traveler, I am proud of the great city of Perth and the state of WA and love to show off the little hidden gems that are everywhere.

Where is your favourite holiday destination?

“My favourite holiday destinations… Anywhere I haven’t been! Just to be able to experience what others do. We are all on the same planet and it is a large place, it would take a lifetime to experience what is out there. Nothing beats the tastes, smells and exceptional beauty of our planet has to offer.

What’s your favourite Explore Tours Perth tour?

“The Best of Perth Day Tour would have to be my favourite tour to run; for the variety and getting to know our customers or Penguin Island for exceptional wildlife.

Come and explore WA with us, you won’t be disappointed.”

Thanks so much Martin and thank you for sharing your passion with everyone you meet!

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