Chief Explorer Beck

Meet Chief Explorer Beck

Chief Explorer Beck has been guiding fantastic tours since April last year and we wanted to find out a little more about her:

What do you do when not guiding tours?

“On my days off, I am with my family and being the ocean; paddleboarding, surfing and anything water based.”

Why do you love being a chief explorer?

“I love being a Chief Explorer because I get to experience my passion. I get to travel and I get to show people what I love about Western Australia and about Perth.”

What is your favourite tour?

Penguin Island & Caversham Wildlife Park is my favourite because we not only get to go out and experience the ocean and be on the boat but we get to educate people as well.  I hope that with the passion that I have, the people that are visiting take a little bit of that away with them. And a bit more conscious in the decisions that they make each day in their own lives.

Find out more about our intrepid group of Chief Explorers here or book Beck’s favourite tour below:

Book Beck’s Favourite Tour – Penguin Island & Caversham Wildlife Park Day Tour:

Penguin Island Penguin photo

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