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Chief Explorer Claire

Getting To Know Chief Explorer Claire

Chief Explorer Claire is the newest addition to our intrepid Chief Explorers. She is a passionate, energetic, enthusiastic & loves Perth & Western Australia. We asked Claire to tell us a bit more about herself…

Tell us a bit about yourself:

“I grew up in the northern suburbs of Perth. I am a journalist at a local newspaper in the Swan Valley and Perth Hills region.
When I’m not writing for the paper or showing visitors around our beautiful City, I am on the trails in Perth Hills, trail running has opened my eyes to the beauty of my home, when you have pristine bushland and scenic trails on your doorstep it becomes addictive to discover new places on foot, see native animals and watch the wildflowers change throughout the seasons.”

Where is your favourite holiday destination and why?

“My husband and I spent two years between 2015 and 2017 travelling and working around the world.

We worked in Canada’s Rocky Mountains in the snowfields during winter and spent the summer on the lake teaching water sports at Summer Camp. We au-paired children and taught English in Spain for three months and bought a caravan to drive around the United States for more than four months, seeing 33 of 50 states.

We took three cruises, one across the Atlantic, one on the third biggest cruise ship in the world and one around Cuba, Jamaica and the Caymen Islands. We took Spanish classes in Mexico and backpacked there for five weeks. We did much more but from all of those places, my favourite country was Iceland. We were only there for three days but it was the most incredible place I have ever experienced.”

What Is Your Favourite WA Destination?

“I couldn’t pick a favourite place in Western Australia. Esperance, Karri Valley, Pemberton, Kalbarri, the Ningaloo Reef, Monkey Mia and Coral Bay are just a few. One day I really want to go hiking through Karijini National Park in the State’s north.”

What Is Your favourite Explore Tours Perth Tour?

“How can you have a favourite when every day in Perth can bring something different. I absolutely love to see the dolphins during our Penguin Island & Caversham Wildlife Park, every time is special.”

Why Are You A Tour Guide?

“I wanted to be a tour guide because the main thing I missed about travelling was meeting new people every day. The world has so much to offer but the best experiences come with spending time with people and sharing knowledge and culture.”

Thanks Claire, we love having on the Explore Tours Perth team!

Find out more about our intrepid group of Chief Explorers here or book Claire’s favourite tour below:

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