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Greens Pool - Denmark

Exploring Walpole & Denmark in The Great Southern Region, WA

Western Australia has so many interesting and unique places to explore, and the Denmark & Walpole regions have been in my bucket list for some time. So this January, my family and I set out to explore this region only 5 hours south of Perth.

Greens Pool and Elephant Rock

Greens Pool and Elephant Rock have fine white sand, crystal clear turquoise water and large granite boulders that stick out of the bay. The outer layer of granite boulders protects the beach from the pounding waves of the Great Australian Bight, meaning the water inside is beautifully calm.

Tree Top Walk and the Valley of the Giants

For me though the highlight of our trip was the Tree Top Walk and the Valley of the Giants. The Tree Top Walk in the Valley of The Giants is around 20 minutes from the town of Walpole, in Western Australia’s Southern Forest region. Walpole and the Southern Forests are about five hours south of Perth and once there you feel like you are in a different country.

The forest is dominated by huge Tingle trees that can grow up to 70 metres high with a 20-metre circumference. The gently sloping walkway from the visitor centre doesn’t include a single step, so people of pretty much any ability can enjoy the experience.

As you stand up at the highest point of the tree top walk, 40 metres above the ground surrounded by the tree canopy, you get a strange exhilarating feeling. I’m so used to walking through forests looking up to see the sunlight shining through, so to see the sun shining down and hitting the ground in patches is fascinating.

As my family and I made our way up the long metal walkway that rises 40 metres above the trees, there was a mix of emotions. I could tell my wife was a little uneasy at the thought of being so high up, my boys were excited beyond belief and I had lots of adrenalin in my veins mixed with both excitement and fear.

Circular Pool, Walpole

Circular Pool is set on the Frankland River in the Walpole Nornalup National Park. In the winter there are rapids running over the granite boulders, but during the summer when we visited there were lots of small pools that you could swim in. The pools are very accessible but on the warm day when we dropped by, there were no more than half a dozen people there.

Where to Eat & Drink

On the way back from Greens Pool to Walpole we stopped off at the Denmark Good Food Factory, to enjoy some toffee tasting and cider tasting – something for everyone. Our burgers for lunch were gorgeous whilst the toffee and ice cream kept the kids happy, as did the outside playground. You also have cider and marron for sale at the Toffee factory, whilst for the more active, there is soccer golf.

Along the same stretch of road,  is Jassi LeatherworksBartholomews Meadery (Honey Wine) and the Denmark Chocolate Company. So there is plenty for all the family to do!

If you cross the South Coast Highway away from the ocean,  there are several other great activities within a short drive. Dinosaur World, Bird and Reptile Park is great for those with young kids, or for anyone who
loves getting up close to birds such as Parrots and Cockatoos, as well as snakes and lizards.

Where We Stayed:

During our four day stay in Walpole, we stayed at Coalmine Beach Holiday Park, situated overlooking the Nornalup Inlet. Offering a range of chalets, glamping tents and powered sites which are all within a hundred metres or so of the calm beach. On this trip, we opted for one of the new glamping tents with an en suite bathroom. It had a
large comfortable double bed, a small seating area and a set of bunk beds for our boys. All of the family loved it and we would definitely stay in those or any similar glamping tents again.

Whilst the beach at Coalmine is great, for instance, you can walk out for over a hundred metres with the water below waist height, there is possibly one of the best beaches I have ever seen just thirty minutes along the coast – Greens Pool in William Bay National Park.

Do We Recommend It?

It does surprise me that the region around Walpole is not a lot busier. The journey from Perth is easy and doesn’t take too long, there are lots of activities for the whole family, the coastline is varied and has some of the best beaches I have come across and the weather is great – average high temperatures between January and March are 25 degrees.

I know that my family will be regular visitors to this beautiful and varied corner of Western Australia for many years to come.

Getting to Walpole, Western Australia

Self-driving is a great way to explore this picturesque region, only a few hours south of Perth.

However, if you don’t fancy driving, why not book a Great Southern private charter short break with us. Find out more about Great Southern short breaks here.

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