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Crawley Edge Boatshed and Eliza Sculpture in the Swan River, Perth

The Blue Boat House, (Crawley Edge Boatshed) and The Eliza Sculpture are both popular landmarks in Perth.

The Crawley Boat House

The Blue Boat House or the Crawley Edge Boatshed as it’s officially known, sits on the Swan River just below Kings Park.

This iconic boathouse is accessible from Mounts Bay Road below Kings Park. It has been around since the 1930’s and recently revamped and repainted the beautiful blue colour.

The Crawley Edge Boatshed has provided stunning backdrops for thousands of photographers around the world.


Eliza Sculpture

The Eliza Sculpture is a bronze sculpture in the Swan River, near Matilda Bay. Eliza is named after Mount Eliza, the hill which Kings Park sits upon overlooking the river and the city.

Unveiled in 2007, the statue commemorates the old Crawley Baths which used to situated nearby and demolished in the 1960’s.

Eliza is 2.2 meters high and was created by Tony Jones, a local Perth artist. The sculpture has its own lighting from solar panels.

You might also see Eliza dressed up for special occasions, charity events and sometimes just for a bit of fun.


Eating & Drinking Nearby to Matilda Bay:

Both the Crawley Edge Boatshed and the Eliza Sculpture are very close to Matilda Bay, which is a grassy parkland next to the Swan River. Furthermore, the bay offers amenities such as restaurants, cafes, a yacht club and picture-perfect picnicking and bbq spots.


Matilda Bay Restaurant
Source: Matilda Bay Restaurant

Matilda Bay Restaurant:

The Matilda Bay Restaurant can be found on the southern end of Matilda Bay overlooking the beautiful Swan River. Complete with a restaurant, bar a, d private wine room, Matilda Bay Restaurant can suit your purposes.

The restaurant offers modern Australian dining and offers an a-la-carte menu and kids menu.

Find out more about the Matilda Bay Restaurant here. 



View of Bayside Kitchen and the Swan River

Bayside Kitchen (previously known as the Matilda Bay Tearooms):
The Bayside Kitchen offers a selection of breakfast, lunch and dinner options. The open cafe style restaurant features a relaxed dining style overlooking the Swan River.

Find out more about the Bayside Kitchen here.


All-in-all, Matilda Bay offers a great day out, perfect Perth photo opportunities and a chance to sample some wonderful modern Australian cuisine.

How To Get to The Eliza Sculpture and The Blue Boat House

Only a short walk down from Kings Park or get the 950 Bus from Elizabeth Quay – see bus details from Transperth.

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