Getting An Australian Sim Card For Your Phone

Arriving at any Australian airport is much less daunting once you find out how to get your phone up and running as quickly as possible. Whether you are planning on using your international number or getting a local number (your cheaper option), being contactable can be crucial especially when booking tours.

This article aims to gives you a brief overview on whether your phone will work and where to get sim cards and phones once you land in Australia.  

Where To Get A Sim Card From?

The larger mobile networks have stores in the arrivals halls at the airports. Here you can get sim cards, top up and mobile phones (should yours not work).

It is a good idea to ask about which areas are covered by the network operator especially if you are heading to more remote locations. 

What Will The Costs Be?

Sim cards in Perth are either free or approximately $2*. However, in order to use the sim card, credit must be purchased, usually a minimum value of $10*. 

The main mobile service operators have phone and SIM card packs to buy for as little as $59-99*. This will get you a basic phone and approximately $10 in credit (which can be topped up anytime). These providers offer great deals to short term travelers.

A cheaper option could also be to rent a phone from service providers such as  Vodafone Rental,  Landwide and Cellhire etc.

Another option is to buy an international calling card, which you can find at convenience stores and supermarkets.

Will My Phone Work in Australia?

The good news is that most visitors from Asia and Europe, can use their existing phones without problems. To check if your phone will work, look at your phone’s instruction booklet or google the make and model number to check your phones band. Many North American phones are on the CDMA band and will probably not work in Australia.

The good news is that most mobile operators have plans for travelers which can include a phone and sim card package.

*Prices correct at time of writing: February 2017


Package Deals


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